6 Choses tout à fait normales pour un français… (Dessine-moi un expat, Courrier International Blogs)

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Original cartoon via Dessine-moi un expat here.


6 Things Expats in France Miss about the U.S.

Okay, after however many years living in France you can honestly say you feel comfortable in this country. You’re so happy to have the opportunity to live here Buuuut, sometimes you just miss the ol’ US of A. Even with the political lunacy, flagrant capitalism, and disastrous price of healthcare, sometimes you daydream about what things would be like if you hadn’t quit home. (Probably a nightmare, but you still think about it from time to time.)

We know our expat tears are kind of bullshit. “Si les States te manquent, tu n’as qu’à retourner là-bas,” says a little condescending interior voice. (It’s a French man with a scarf and a moustache and a cigarette glued to his mouth, probably, this little guy in your head.) But it’s not really what you want, moving back. It’s just that sometimes you want to make a PB&J that doesn’t cost $11 in peanut butter.

Anyway, these are the kinds of things you start to miss about home, in between the moments of French bliss.

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Plus que Paris: Pornic

Petite ville sur la côte atlantique, Pornic a tout ce qu’il faut: la plage, le soleil (en petite quantité mais ça va, parfois il faut un peu de grisaille dans la vie), la Fraiseraie… qui peut en vouloir plus?

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Iss been a minute

Feeling like it’s time to resurrect La Virginienne. I’ve been “busy” (read: maybe a bit down in the dumps and watching far too many things on Netflix) and kind of forgot my perfect weekend morning ritual of fixing a big, American-sized mug of coffee, lighting a white linen candle and blabbering to the large void of the internet about my passions for language, culture, food…

In the two years that have passed since the time when I was writing regularly for my blog I’ve been doing some things (besides forgetting how to read due to my addictions to television and getting in bed before sundown). I’ve moved from Paris, spent a month living in Kuwait visiting my parents, crashed at my brother’s place in Richmond while squaring away a new visa and then moved to a new city in France – Nantes – to do a Master’s program.

It’s been a whirlwind and maybe not an entirely fun process, as evidenced by the anxiety weight I’ve gained thanks to never really planting my roots anywhere for fear of a visa snafu. That being said, I’ve got some material for this ol’ website. I’ve made a resolution — not at all connected to New Year’s, I don’t kid myself with New Year’s resolutions — to read more, to write more, to do more. That includes getting back to this personal project and sharing my experiences on:

  • the university system in France
  • the perennial debate of Paris vs. ‘province‘ (and why that term is ridiculous)
  • apartment hunting and settling in to a new city as a foreign student
  • general mid-twenties angst and why finding friends as an adult sucks, even more so when you had the genius idea of emigrating from home

You get the idea. Plenty more rambling in franglais coming your way, if you’re willing to read it.